What happened to BlueBucs? Where can I find Presale Password Resources?

Whatever happened to BlueBucs site? Where can I find Presale Passwords?

Sorry, but BlueBucs is no more. If you really want to know what happened to BlueBucs you can read about it here, but if you’re looking for a presale password, there are some new sites and services you should consider:

Where to find Presale Passwords?

If you want to find presale passwords your best bet is one of these sites that regularly publish updated promotional passwords and presale codes for Ticketmaster and Livenation events. Some of these are FREE presale passwords, while others will require a small or large membership fee. Compared to Shows On Sale which charges $120 per month (!ripoff) these sites are all a bargain.

WiseGuys Presale Passwords

Wiseguys provides presale code and presale passwords and has since 2006. Guaranteed results and total satisfaction guaranteed.


Presale.Codes has many of the same codes and passwords that you can find elsewhere but for the very modest fee of just $5 each month. Get tickets or a refund – only within 7 days.

Presale Password Club

PresalePassword Club has the same codes and passwords that you can find elsewhere but for the very modest fee of just $5.95 each month or $14.95 per year 🙂

Box Office Hero

Box Office Hero doesn’t publish presales. Onsale soon information is local and sometimes incomplete but rarely so. Pretty good for most people.

Box Office Fox

Onsale and presale database for ticket brokers.

BlueBucs was an online resource designed to help concert goers and sports fans obtain information on buying, selling, and trading event tickets. To achieve this goal they employed a variety of strategies. If you are looking to find a guide on how to become a ticket broker, or you are looking for a good onsale database I hope we can help you.

Dissemination of Presale Password and Ticket Onsale Database
or providing industry news & commentary.

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