Is Camelia 3 Tiered Wall Shelf tops or is Alpina Reclaimed Wood Candle Box? better?

We found 2 cool items from Furniture Pipeline

This A vs B comparison is for two lovely products from Furniture Pipeline that feel kind of awesome. Between New Age S-Hooks Shelf Accessory and Sacramento Industrial Chic Etagere Bookcase, which do we like better? Why?? Let’s take a closer look and see what there is to see.

Number 1 today on our list is

New Age S-Hooks Shelf Accessory 📱

Show from the functionality of one’s Furniture Pipeline designs with our expertly crafted and aged completed S-hooks. Don’t just make each design more useful, match the S-hook to the rest of the fixtures in your creation for the truly put-together appearance! Our S-hooks are comprised of aircraft grade aluminum, obtainable in 3 colors (black, grey, and bronze) with aged, rustic finishes. Their solid elements make them perfect for hanging mugs, utensils, and towels in the home, hanging flowers and décor into the living room, and caps and jewelry in a bed room or wardrobe. Allow the austere industrial aesthetics flow as you amp your organization.

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The 2nd item on our list today is Sacramento Industrial Chic Etagere Bookcase!

Add modern and industrial stylish character to virtually any workplace or liveable space with this specific effortlessly wall mounted space saving 4-tier etagere bookcase. The Sacramento commercial elegant etagere is crafted with accuracy from sustainable solid Paulownia (half the extra weight of Pine!); timber having a austere reclaimed/aged finish. Made with an aged vintage metal finish, the recyclable aircraft grade aluminum pipelines and flash plated fittings produce a bold fashion declaration! The most truly effective two flanges have two display screws and two genuine to reduce mounting time. The distinction is four total holes within the wall surface verses eight. If additional stability becomes necessary, the display screws are removed and then screwed fully in to the wall surface. The durable and lightweight Sacramento design is exemplary! You can easily assemble, has ample living area for storage space for baskets, and offers quick access to keep your floors clean. This etagere can be utilized to keep clothing, dishes, publications, plants and much more! It is the perfect multipurpose storage solution and is obtainable in 2 size variants and 3 color schemes. Having a low VOC finish, recyclable metals, sustainable wood and 100% recyclable packaging, your home and planet are sure to beam a healthy smile in approval!

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So I’m saying my choice between these two has got to be a close call in favor of[New Age S-Hooks Shelf Accessory|Sacramento Industrial Chic Etagere Bookcase].