Woodstock Chimes Consumer has new items!

Huzzah! we glad to present to you some really awesome products. There are a few items in Woodstock Chimes Consumer worth featuring today, so let ‘s get started asap!

The very first thing is
Crystal Grand Cascade Suncatcher – Pink

This big crystal suncatcher reflects the first early morning sky with colors of pink that mimic the morning sky. Lighter color crystals lead down seriously to darker people, and tend to be finished with a faceted genuine Austrian crystal ball.

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The 2nd item on the list for today is Habitats Chime – Bronze, Owl 😃

Featuring a smart old owl and tuned towards the majestic notes associated with the patriotic track America the Beautiful, this Habitats Chime celebrates the variety of nature around us all.

From butterflies to blue whales, the planet earth teems with life. Areas that sustain life are called habitats, and each habitat is part of an interconnected system that produces the richness of our life on Earth possible. The butterfly’s habitat ought to be reasonably sunny and windless. In comparison our Habitats Chime Butterfly really loves the wind!

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The 3rd product on our list for today is Crystal Grand Cascade Suncatcher – Rainbow.

This large crystal suncatcher gives you a rainbow also without the sunlight! So when the sunlight is shining, this big group of multi-colored crystals sparkles and shines.

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The 4th product on our list today is Shimmers – Crystal Marquise.

With a marquise form reminiscent of jewelry, this pointed oval draws the eye to its center crystal. This shimmering beauty twirls gently in even the slightest breeze.

The marquise form is flashy and bold. These curved bands surround a crystal center. Together they mirror and sparkle, developing a breathtaking display of shimmering light.

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For our next item up we have Chime Fantasy – Mermaid 😹

A sweet little treat by having a seated silver mermaid windcatcher.

Delicate chiming combines with sparkling crystals and motifs from nature and mythology to enchant and delight. A seated mermaid with long wild hair will act as the windcatcher (or, in the event that you will, dreamcatcher) of this chime. Blue, green and clear crystals embellish the chime with colors taken right from the ocean.

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