Billboard Magazine Store has new stuff for sale!

Huzzah! we found some really neat products. There are a number of items in Billboard Magazine Store worth featuring today, so let us get to the goodies asap!

1st today we have is
March 19, 2016 – Issue 8 🤠

Halsey during the Speed Of Sound – in the meteoric rise regarding the 21-year old whoever 24-7 social networking existence, Bernie Sanders support and genre-bending talent has made her the mouthpiece of the millennial audience: ‘we speak to them like real f—ing human beings’

Exclusive – ‘She was a prisoner’ – Kesha’s mom talks out on Dr. Luke allegations and her daughter’s future

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The 2nd product on the list for today is February 4, 2006 – Issue 5.

Going For Platinum – Winter Olympics Target Youth Audience With Huge Roster of Music Stars

Arctic Monkeys Buring Up U.K.; Will U.S. Give Warm Greeting?

Brand new Spin on Concert Promo – Indies Positioned For Growth

Item: BLI-02/04/2006 Problem Date: 02/04/2006

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For the third item on our list for today is May 9, 2015 – Issue 13!

Rap’s brand new Rock celebrity – ASAP Rocky enjoys drugs, supermodels and has fashion and Hollywood calling. Now, having a ‘trippy’ record album, the hip-hop sensation vows to “speak my mind, throughout the day, each and every day’

Moneymakers: 40 Top Artists – One Direction made how much?!

Marvin Gaye’s Dark Obsession – Intercourse and fear: An excerpt from ex-wife Jan’s memoir

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After that here is February 11, 2006 – Issue 6.

A Brighter Song – Industry Initiatives Like MusiCares Help Bring New Orleans’ Musical Heritage Back to Life

Spanish Star Juanes Tours ‘His Way’

Music’s Big Night – An Exclusive Look Inside the manufacturing of the Grammys

James Taylor – A Revealing Q&A With MusiCares’ Person of the Year

Tween Craze – ‘High class Musical’ Scores Disney an archive Five Hits in the Top 40

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And next up we’ve got February 13, 2016 – Issue 4.

Grammy Preview 2016

Kendrick’s Sweet Revenge – No, Lamar doesn’t care about those previous snubs. Because the Compton rapper with 11 nominations knows this is their best work ever: ‘I want to win them’

‘It’s Still Too White, Too Male and Too Old’ – Grammy voters speak away!

The Secret is…Talent’ – just how Chris Stapleton conquered country

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