Look at these deals at Beaute Nouveau

This morning we glad to present to you a number of great products. There are a few items in Beaute Nouveau worth featuring today, so let us get going as soon as possible!

Firstly we have is
TESTER- Flower Water in Rosehip & Rose Geranium

Skin is thirsty and it needs to be watered! This Rosehip & Rose Geranium Flower liquid quenches thirsty skin cells, delivers powerful flower essences, and strengthens skins with trace quantities of nutrients which are required for healthy skin function. The soft, complex fragrance of the Rose Geranium combined with the sharp, bright fragrance of plump Rosehips could be the epitome of beauty and luxury. This Flower Water water is very good for a skin that’s a small extra dry or needs a boost in Vitamin C, or for anyone who enjoys the crisp, bright scent.

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Our second item on the list for today is Gift Sets for Body.

Looking for a great present saturated in additional goodies that is certain to please?!  Our gift sets are the perfect answer! They include a free Hand Balm + Lip Balm + Petite Body Shave Scrub – a $95 value for only $75!  And, they ship 100% free!

Select from Almond Coconut, Citron Dream, Lavender & Lemon, White Flowers & Sweet Cream, and Paris Sunset. Each set includes 5 items: a Full Size glucose Balm, Body Cream, Hand Balm, and Lip Balm plus a petite size Shave Scrub in Citron Dream!  (The Lip Balm and Shave Scrub are free.)  Each gift set comes covered with an attractive box having a completely tied bow!  We are going to likewise incorporate a hand-written note card – just reveal what to write in the records of the order.  

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The third item on our list today is TESTER- White Flowers & Sweet Cream Body Cream.

This Goat Milk + Aloe Body Cream is richly nourishing and gently scented with super dreamy citrus essential oils.

The intoxicating, floral, notes of Jasmine, Gardenia, and Tuberose, combined with the rich, sweet, scent of Bourbon Vanilla, and grounded by the earthy records of Bergamot, Coriander, and Earl Grey, is actually unique. This scent has combines the purity of delicate springtime flowers because of the power and power of full-bodied Feminity. It really is playful, yet in charge. Its soft, yet bold. It is simple, yet complicated. It really is attractive, yet intimidating. It’s interesting, yet familiar. It’s perfect, exactly like you.

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After that here is TESTER- OIl Nouveau – Nourishing Facial Oil with Black Raspberry Seed Oil & Buritti Fruit Oil 1.8oz.

Oil Nouveau is our “crowing jewel.” becoming a lot more dry. So far, Crème Nouveau is sufficient, but now i want more. At first I thought about making a brand new Crème, but then I recognized i really could just bump up the effectiveness of Crème Nouveau by having a unique blend of botanical oils and crucial oils. We decided on all of the natural oils in Oil Nouveau based on their unique capabilities.

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The fifth product on our list for today is TESTER- Lavender & Lemon Butter Balm 😀

We lovingly make reference to this product as “Lotion for Lazy People” because we know that rubbing in sticky body lotion after a shower is the last thing we take time for. So, we have created our Butter Balms to be used while you are STILL…IN… the shower. This is SHOWER LOTION, ladies. You put it on IN THE SHOWER. The rich ingredients will trap the water that is already on your skin, and the warmth of your skin will melt the Balm into your skin like “butter on a hot pancake”. It will take lower than a minute, just a little goes a considerable ways, along with your skin will likely be so soft. Seriously, it is a life changer.

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