Look at these deals at KingIce

Hooray! we found a number of great items. There are a few items in KingIce worth featuring today, so let us get to the list ASAP!

Firstly on the list
Nail Cross Necklace

Ditching its traditional Latin crosses, The Nail Cross has an edgy, rough feel to recreate the pain sensation and enduring The Lord himself endured. Each Nail cross comes lined with handset rocks throughout each edge and bail.

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The second item on our list for today is Panda Man Necklace 💰

Panda Man earned his infamy with his friendly, lovable look designed with an AK-47. Each piece recreates the sinister look of Panda Man, although the AAA, CZ rocks, plus the 14K silver plating or white silver plating creates a quality, stylish appearance. Each Panda Man piece carries a 20”, 2.5mm stainless steel Franco chain to complete this one-of-kind piece.

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For the 3rd item on the list today is Snoop Dogg x King Ice – Power Fist Necklace!

The energy necklace provides solidarity up against the oppression and hostility toward injustice. Each piece raises its fist in the air against hate and injustice for people of most colors and creed. Each piece uses a 2.5mm, 24″ stainless steel Franco string.

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Next we have Red Tongue of Desire Necklace!

Tell her (or him) what you want. Showcase that tongue action and blow down some vapor. Each 14K silver plated piece makes use of AAA, device stones to lick, love and lockup attention along with its shimmer, design and radiance. Each piece uses a two-tone plating affect to create its Red and gold look, although the 26”, 2.5mm stainless chain provides the perfect match for this one-of-kind piece.

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The fifth item on the list for today is Our Savior Necklace!

A classic Jesus piece in a faceted style, full of information. Stones line his hair and beard. Made detailed with an iced top of thorns and iced bail.

  • Available in 14K Gold plating or White Gold plating
  • Combined with an 8mm 20″ Miami Cuban Chain

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