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This afternoon we pleased to share some really awesome products. There are several items in Woodstock Chimes Consumer worth featuring today, so let ‘s get started asap!

1st off on our list is
Bells of Paradise – Silver, 88 Inch

A super-sized chime with a good amount of WOW, this silver chime provides delight each and every time it rings.

The elegant look and evocative sound with this chime will profoundly satisfy your wanting for paradise. Made from aluminum pipes which are especially suspended, these chimes resonate much longer than other windchimes, bathing you in suffering harmony each time the wind blows. Hang this chime in your home or yard and luxuriate in the sounds of paradise right where you stand.

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Our second product on our list today is Emperor Harp!

With a graceful design reminicent of caligraphy, this harp captures the relationship and splendor associated with china.

The Emperor Harp wind chime embodies the magical noise and secret that await those that visit exotic lands. Within the 2nd century B.C., during China’s Han Dynasty, caravans of traders established a series of routes across Eurasia linking East to western. This ancient trading network known as the Silk Road” would endure for over 1500 years. It served not merely as being a pathway for valuable products such as for example silk, jade and spices, but in addition for new some ideas, technology, art and music. The lure of the long journey filled with romance and adventure stays.

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The 3rd product on the list for today is Blowin’ in the Wind Chime.

This chime is tuned to notes from the final type of the chorus of Bob Dylan’s classic song Blowin’ into the Wind.

Written within the 1960s, Blowin’ within the Wind was an anthem for a generation that questioned the status quo and looked for responses your’s deepest secrets. It’s often considered a protest song, but like all great poetry, it stimulates the listener to much deeper idea without providing simple answers towards the concerns it poses. Considered the absolute most covered Dylan song, it’s been recorded by musicians as diverse as Stevie Wonder and Cher. Dylan has long been associated with our namesake town of Woodstock, NY, having resided right here through much of the `60s, so that it had been normal for us to honor their most iconic song with a chime played by the wind. May you find all the answers you look for in its dulcet tones.

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After that here is Crystal Guardian Angel Suncatcher – Large, Chakra.

A large-sized crystal angel to view over you and focus on your chakras.

The beautiful genuine Austrian crystals reflect the colors associated with the seven main chakras in the human body.

Read more about the seven chakras here.

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The fifth product on the list today is Over the Rainbow Chime.

Our on the Rainbow Chime is tuned to your opening records for the gorgeous ballad of the same title.

Written in 1939 by composer Harold Arlen and lyricist Yip Harburg for the film The Wizard of Oz, on the Rainbow was sung by Judy Garland in her starring role as Dorothy Gale. Nearly cut from the film, it went on to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song and is now a mainstay in American tradition. Oahu is the number one song in the United states movie Institute’s “100 Years…100 Songs” list for the 20th century and is the most recorded song in history. When you hang this chime in your home or garden you’ll be reminded that “

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