Bees Wrap has new goodies!

Today we glad to share with you some really cool items. There are several items in Bees Wrap worth featuring today, so let us get going as soon as possible!

The first item is..

ReKindle Fire Starters 😘
Introducing ReKindle™, Bee’s Wrap scraps repurposed as natural water-resistant fire starters. Perfect for lighting campfires, fireplaces and wood stoves, ReKindle Fire Starters offer a long, slow burn with little smoke. 

Roll 1-2 pieces into a ball or twist into a wick, carefully ignite, and gently place onto your fire. Once your flame’s going, cozy up or get cooking!

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The second item on our list for today is Vegan Assorted 3 Pack 💰

Our bestselling Assorted 3 Pack features small, medium and large wraps perfect for packing lunches, storing food, and giving as a holiday gift. Reusable for a year or longer, Bee’s Wrap can be composted or used as a fire starter when it loses its grip – returning to the Earth instead of heading to a landfill. 

Heads up! Vegan wraps contain coconut and soy.

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